Student Fee Breakdown

The SMUSA fee structure is based on full-time and part-time enrollment. Full-time students pay $144 in fees plus $145 for a U-Pass, while part-time students pay only $49.50 in fees. Within these amounts are restricted portions that must be allocated for specific a purpose. The unrestricted portion of the student fee is used within the operating budget of the Association to provide services and advocacy in support of the students of Saint Mary’s.

Student Fee Definitions


The yearbook fee is a restricted fee approved by student referendum in 2013. The fee funds the production of the Santamarian Yearbook and upon graduation each graduating student receives a yearbook.
Capital Fund
The Capital Fund was approved by student referendum in 1992 and is used to finance major capital projects of the Students’ Association.
The WUSC (World University Services of Canada) fee was approved by student referendum in 2013.
The fee is used to fund a refugee student to attend Saint Mary’s University.
Women’s Centre
This fee was approved by student referendum in 2013 and provides funding to the Saint Mary’s University Women’s Centre that is located on the 5th floor Student Centre. The Women’s Centre is a charted society of the Students’ Association.
The Journal fee was approved by student referendum in 2013 and is used to fund the student newspaper. The Journal was first produced in 1936 and is one of the oldest student newspapers in the country.
The U-Pass Program was approved by student referendum in 2003 and was again approved by student referendum in 2005. The program is mandatory for all full-time students and provides unlimited access to transit busses and ferries from September 1 to April 30. Part-time students are not eligible for the U-Pass Program.

Operating Budget

Operating Budget Definitions

Includes expenses related to Board Honorarium, Board Training, Board Meetings / Reports and Elections

Includes expenses related to Full Time Salaries, Benefits, Depreciation, Leases / Equipment, Memberships, Transition / Training, Professional Development, Insurance, Property Taxes, Office Supplies, Software, Bank Charges, Legal and Audits

Operations and Services
Includes expenses related to Gorsebrook Lounge, Info Desk, Husky Patrol, Marketing, Publications, Inventory, Staff Wages, Benefits, Supplies, Depreciation, Equipment, Food Costs, Cleaning / Repair / Maintenance, Insurance, Advertising / Promotions, Website, Printing / Publications, Gas and Uniforms

Programming and Services 
Includes expenses related to Bursaries, Intramurals, Athletics (varsity game access), Charter Day, Event Sponsorship, Societies, Special Events / Carnival / Bands / Speakers, Equipment and Volunteer Coordinator

Includes expenses related to VP Salaries and benefits, Pres. Discretionary, CASA, ANSSA and Conferences