Hi! We’re the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association, but you can call us SMUSA. We are a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1966 to provide services, support, advocacy, and representation to all of its members: the students of Saint Mary’s University.

Our Mission

We strive to maximize the positive experience for Saint Mary’s students and provide assistance in overcoming challenges through valued services, dedicated representation, caring support, and effective advocacy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure the highest quality of life for Saint Mary’s students.

Our Values

Community Focused

We prioritize students’ ideas, concerns, and interactions. Our focus is to be active, vocal, and present on campus and in the broader community to raise the voice of the collective student body.


Empowering Students

As students working for students, we take pride in all that we do. We want to take students to the next level and help them achieve their goals by providing meaningful opportunities to grow, connect, and belong.



We communicate consistently to build trust and strive to be as accessible as possible by incorporating all voices and dismantling barriers so that everyone is included.


We are flexible and transform with the ever-changing environment. We foster ideas and create strategies so that we can be innovative and prepared for the future.

Data Driven

We actively incorporate feedback into our work and rely on consultation, research, and diverse perspectives to guide what we do.



Students have ownership in our work. We commit to what we say and make decisions with integrity.

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Annual Plan

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Our Team

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