The Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) is deeply saddened to learn that Carol Silvia has resigned from her position with Aramark and will no longer be working at the Gorsebrook Lounge.
Carol is a hard working individual who made every effort to assist our bar staff in ensuring the highest standards of customer service to our patrons. But most of all, she is kind, caring and passionate about the students of Saint Mary’s University, and has indeed touched many of our lives.
Carol will be missed. And while she may no longer be employed by Aramark, she will always have a place at the Gorsebrook Lounge with us and our students.
We would like to sincerely thank Carol Silvia for her years of service to the Gorsebrook, the University and especially for going above and beyond her mandated duties for our students. We wish her the best in her future endeavours.