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  • Ensure tutoring sessions are in person and one-on-one between the student and tutor. Group tutoring sessions are not encouraged.
  • Ensure sessions are designed based on the needs of the student.
  • Ensure all actions are in line with the University’s Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity regulations.
  • Ensure all the Tutor expectations and Student expectations are met.
  • Ensure that sessions are professional, respectful, positive and thorough. Matters discussed during the sessions should be confidential.
Tutor Expectation GuideStudent Expectation Guide


To be approved as a tutor, you have to have a minimum of an A- (80%) in the course(s) you wish to tutor and will need to fill out and submit a Tutor Endorsement Form


Payment arrangements are the responsibility of the involved parties and do not involve Saint Mary’s University or the Saint Mary’s University’s Students’ Association (SMUSA). It is the responsibility of the student to arrange sessions with tutors and agree upon tutoring rates.

Become a Tutor

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Interested in becoming a SMUSA-verified tutor?