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List of Active Societies 2020-2021

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Saint Mary's University Bangladeshi Students' Society

Saint Mary's University Bangladeshi Students' Society, also known as SMUBSS is an organization based in Saint Mary's University and is situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The purpose of SMUBSS is to promote and create awareness of the Bangladeshi culture throughout campus and in the Halifax area, and as well as to create unity within the Bangladeshi student population in Saint Mary's University. Our aim is to ensure the cultural diversity through our events. We believe in helping students and educating them on resources available to make their student journey easier. We believe in a diverse community and are working to involve people from all backgrounds in our events.

SMU Right To Play (SMU RTP)

To fundraise money in support of Right To Play through on-campus events and local fundraisers.

Saint Mary’s University UNICEF Campus Club

The UNICEF Campus Club at Saint Mary's University is a body of post-secondary students who are grounded in the belief that we can take simple effective steps to create a difference in children’s lives to help address issues related to the plight of children here in Canada and overseas. Our Campus Club supports UNICEF’s ability to provide programs and advocacy work for children all over the world by raising funds through various initiatives, programs and events.

Saint Mary's University Caribbean Society (SMUCS)

The Saint Mary’s University Caribbean Society is responsible for the general representation, promotion, involvement and inclusion of Caribbean students, their heritage and culture on Saint Mary’s Campus. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for our students to include and engage students from all walks of life in the Halifax Regional Municipality to be apart. We work with many organizations in the city as well as other groups who share our vision to be beacons in the community for our people and other who would like to be apart. Additionally, we host events and promote others who want to be a productive addition to our people and perspectives. Mostly, we try to share a unique experience of Caribbean aspects into a Canadian lifestyle. The society provides a comfort level for students from the West Indies by creating a homely and familiar environment through arts, music, food etc.

Saint Mary's University Environmental Society (SMUES)

The aims and objectives of this society are to provide events that stimulate environmental awareness and initiatives both on and off campus. This includes on campus sustainability initiatives evidenced by sustainability week and our annual farmer’s market, and off campus events or awareness campaigns such as hiking and beach clean-ups. In our endeavors we aim to create an atmosphere for like-minded individuals focused on sustainable initiatives across all disciplines and often have a diverse membership. Additionally, each year we host the Halifax Dump and Run, a collaborative event with Dalhousie’s Office of Sustainability that hosts Halifax’s largest indoor yard sale aimed at waste diversion. Through this event we are able to donate approximately $10 000 to local organizations each year. Occasionally we also host academic events on behalf of and funded by The School of the Environment. Such events include an annual professor meet and greet and networking events but remain open to the general population.

Saint Mary's Engineering Society (SMU Eng Soc)

The Saint Mary's Engineering Society has two objectives, first is to provide the best experience for Saint Mary's Engineering students via hosting social and academic events. Secondly we connect Saint Mary's engineering students with external engineering organizations such as the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES), and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students(CFES).

Commerce Society

Our Mission: To encourage the participation, enjoyment, and advancement of our members in all aspects of business and university life while helping them develop business skills, build their professional networks, and learn from local business leaders.

Our Vision: By providing educational opportunities and holding social events, the society wishes to see a membership base dedicated to furthering themselves in their studies and possible careers, while taking full advantage of their university experience and campus resources.

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) at Saint Mary's University is a club participating in the greater mission of CCO Canada. CCO is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We equip fellow students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

SMU Habitat for Humaity Society

The SMU Habitat for Humanity Society aims to connect students with the desire to get involved in their communities with opportunities to do just that. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity NS and International, we facilitate opportunities through both the Halifax and Dartmouth ReStore, local and international build sites, and as extra hands for Habitat NS events.

SMU Chemistry Society

Our society aims to create a sense of community within the chemistry department that is welcoming to all students that have an interest in chemistry. We offer assistance with academics that includes, tutoring sessions, course selection, and connections to research positions. Furthermore, the Chemistry Society also allows students to network with faculty and student research assistants which can lead to job/volunteering opportunities.

International Development Undergraduate Society (IDSUS)

To promote global development and awareness on SMU campus and to be a forum for open discussion and networking for IDS undergrad students as well as others.

Saint Mary's Debate Society (SMDS)

Encourage structured debates in the pursuit of developing critical thinking and other valuable academic skills.

Saint Mary's University Friends of Halo Society

SMU Friends of Halo is a non-profit organization that raises funds to be contributed to causes in the Halifax Municipal Area. These causes are chosen by the current members and board of the society. The society seeks to cultivate a culture of giving back through volunteerism and charitable donation at the Saint Mary’s University.The society is also to provide an environment to allow for the enrichment of its members and the development of interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional.

Saint Mary's University Biology Society

Our aims and objectives for the 2020-2021 Biology society are to mainly connect biology students and faculty members with one another to create a greater sense of community. We want to help other students with their university experience by providing insight from our own relevant experiences. Ideally, we can improve the other student’s experiences by sharing with them what we found helped us and what didn’t help us during university. Our goal is to provide enjoyable events for the members that will enhance their university experience and will hopefully encourage them to take on a leadership role in the future. We would like to provide exposure to some of the career paths within biology that may help students decide what career path they would like to follow.

MBA Society

To organize and facilitate beneficial participative, inclusive events (or other elements) for all full- and part-time MBA students at the Sobey School of Business, while promoting the mission and pillars of the Sobey School of Business.

Saint Mary’s University Conflict Resolution Society (SMUCRS)

Us as a society aim to expand knowledge of peace education and peaceful conflict resolution skills to youth both locally and internationally. To provide SMU students with an educational, international experience where they have the opportunity to learn about a culture that may be very different from their own. To make schools an environment where all children feel safe and respected.

Saint Mary's Astronomy and Physics Society (SMUAPS)

To better build sense of community within the astronomy and physics students, and faculty, by arranging social and academic events to give more opportunity for students to become active members of the astronomy and physics department at SMU. To engage in community outreach and to extend our passion and love for astronomy and physics to our Halifax community. To showcase the research and other works that faculty have completed and to give opportunities for our local communities to become involved. To help nurture the love for astronomy and physics in the Halifax community. Provide additional resources for lower year students, including targeted study sessions, question and answer sessions, and opportunities to address any questions or concerns that students may have and to hear it from the perspective of an upper year student. To extend our amazing astronomy and physics demos beyond SMU, to the public and to local High Schools etc.. To help reduce the stress on faculty members by allowing alternative routes for students to tackle homework questions, technical issues, and general inquiries. To provide supplementary tutorials on a number of topics including computer coding, LaTeX and typography, computational astrophysics, cluster computing, operating the Burke-Gaffney Observatory as well as the MRO.

SMU French Society (SMUFS)

Improve students’ French oral and written skills through interactive conversations, plays and fun games;
Act as a social platform to engage with new people during entertaining weekly ateliers;
Discover French pastries and other gourmet dishes;
Learn about French and francophone cinema, literature and other art forms in an original way.

SMU Vietnamese Student Society (SMU VSA)

To gether the vietnamese student population in SMU together for academic support, celebrate and advocate vietnamese culture to the Saint Mary’s University student body.

Saint Mary's University Anthropology Society (SMUAS)

The objectives of the society are to promote the welfare of all disciplines of anthropology and serve to further the academic, intellectual, cultural and social activities of interested anthropology students attending Saint Mary’s University. To raise or actively acquire funds to be used for the purpose of effectively reaching and/or maintaining those objects aforementioned, and also provide or obtain such equipment, purchases or tangible goods as deemed necessary and/or desirable by the members of the society. The society will provide a channel of communication among students with similar interests, aims, and aspiration in the anthropological field of study. Finally, the society aims to organize regular social events for the anthropology community and provide a forum for discussion of related issues and concern.

Saint Mary’s University Developer Student Club Society SMUDSCS

Developer Student Clubs (DSC) are university based community groups for students. Students from all undergraduate or graduate programs with an interest in growing as a developer are welcome. By joining a DSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

Saint Mary’s Investment Society (SMIS)

(a) To promote interest in finance, investment, and all related fields, and to further the academic, intellectual, cultural, and social activities of all interested students attending Saint Mary’s University.

(b) To raise or actively acquire funds to be used for the purpose of effectively reaching and/or maintaining those objects aforementioned, and also for the purpose of providing or obtaining such equipment, purchases, or tangible goods as deemed necessary and/or desirable by the members of the society.

Metro Universities Relay for Life

To promote awareness of the Relay for Life event happening in March 2020 in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Dalhousie and MSVU. Relay for Life is the Canadian Cancer Society's signature fundraising event and honours those who are battling or have battled cancer while raising funds that support cancer research and patients in Halifax and around Canada.

World University Services of Canada WUSC

To promote refugee issues on and off campus
To assist SMU refugee sponsored students during the sponsored year

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