Student Societies are a great way to make new connections, learn new skills, gain leadership experience and get involved on campus. Plus, student society involvement is a great addition to your Co-Curricular Record! Interested in joining a society? Email them!

Class A – Academic Societies

Society is one that exists because of an academic program offered by the University.


Society Name         President(s)/Vice-President(s)     Society E-mail  
SMU Anthropology Society       Logan Robertson       [email protected]
SMU Biology Society         Kennedy Brittain, Katherine Purvis     [email protected]
SMU Conflict Resolution Society       Salman Islam Sadib, Michaela Peters   [email protected]
SMU D-Hope Simpson Geology Society     Sabrina Kormann, Andree Roy-Garand   [email protected]
SMU Engineering Society       Boris Schneider, Seamus MacInnes, Zachary Arsenault [email protected]
SMU English society         Shyloe Beals, Max Jones     [email protected]
SMU Forensics Society         Emma Halliday, Alyssa Densmore     [email protected]
SMU Geography Society       Makayla Cole, Madison Silver     [email protected]  
SMU History Society         Chris Sakr, Josh Laska       [email protected]  
SMU International Development Studies Undergraduate Society Robert E. Richardson, Katheryn Lewis   [email protected]
SMU Math and Computer Science Society     Kyle Hiscock       [email protected]
SMU Model United Nations Society       Jacob Carey Paradis, Alison Horton, Rebecca Yorke [email protected]
SMU Psychology Society       Jennaecia Lewis, Ruth Shelton     [email protected]
SMU Sobey School of Business Accounting Society   Andrew Jones, Emma Sencabaugh     [email protected]
SMU Sobey School of Business Commerce Society   Callie Franson, Amy Onano     [email protected]



Class B – Social & Cultural Societies

Society is one that is unrelated to an academic department of the University, but has more of a membership of a certain social group, force, or culture.


Society Name            President(s)/Vice-President(s)       Society E-mail  
SMU African Student Society         Elphas Gweru, Vimbayi Handara, Andrea Wakabi   [email protected]
SMU Amnesty International Society         Rachel Saunders, Kelsey Mercer       [email protected]
SMU Arab Society           Ameer Al-Eryani, Ahmad BinShahna     [email protected]
SMU Art Society           Prachi Gaba, Sabrina Afroz, Sanjina Hafsa Ali     [email protected]
SMU Bangladeshi Society         Salma Maisha Maliha, Md Azwad Bin Ashraf     [email protected]
SMU BlockChain Group         Ashton Easton, Ujjwal Singh Dadwal, Jesse Hughes   [email protected]  
SMU Caribbean Society         Malia Major, Ryan Gilkes       [email protected]
SMU Case Competition Society         Quinn Docherty, Luke Meijer, Emma Ing     [email protected]
SMU Children’s Wish Society         Sara Ozbek         [email protected]  
SMU Chinese Student Association (SMUCSA)       Hao Liang, Yan Zhao         [email protected]  
SMU Debate Society           Joseph Karam, Ainsley Leonard-Harding     [email protected]
SMU DESI Students’ Society         Bashali Bashali, Bharat Krishnan       [email protected]
SMU Developer Student Club Society       Nandhu Sridhar         [email protected]
SMU Enactus Society           Leena Roy Chowdhury, Bethany Ripoll, Ryan Sanderson   [email protected]  
SMU Environmental Society         Rachelle Breau, Larissa Sweeney       [email protected]  
SMU Friends of Halo Society         Franklyn Southwell         [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Habitat for Humanity Society     Amanda Gove, Julia Mombourquette     [email protected]
SMU Humanitarian Relief Fund Society       Deandra McIntosh         [email protected]
SMU Indigenous Student Society         Isaiah Bernard, Reed Knockwood       [email protected]
SMU Japanese Canadian Cultural Exchange Society (JCCES)   Kanato Noguchi, Shitaro Hisamatsu       [email protected]
SMU Mental Health Society         Ruth Shelton, Jayme Magara       [email protected]
SMU Metro Universities Relay for Life Society       Emma Ing           [email protected]
SMU Music Society           Myles Davidson, Katherine Heim       [email protected]
SMU Parks Canada Society         Kaitlin Baronas, Sundus SAq       [email protected]
SMU Pride             Skylar Martini, Jesse Cartwright       [email protected]
SMU Rainbow Refugee Society         Robert Wallace, Johnathan Warner       [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Great Enlightenment Youth Association   Ziyang Wang, Hanyan Li, Xinyue Cao     [email protected]  
SMU Speak Up Society           Sabrina Mithila, Amina Khan, Mehak Tekchandani   [email protected]
SMU TEDxSaintMarysU Society         Julie Naugler, Morgan Wolfe       [email protected]


Class C – Levied Societies

Society is a student group that has an affiliation with a specific nonAcademic Department of the University. These societies are not entitled to funding from the Association because they receive support from their parent department.


Society Name            President(s)/Vice-President(s)       Society E-mail  
SMU MBA Society           Meghan Brodmann, Rajeev Sharma, Mayank Chawla   [email protected]
SMU Women’s Centre           Sophie Slessor, Sophia Okoroafor, Amina Khan     [email protected]


Class D – Political, Religious, or Partisan Societies

Be those Societies which are either politically or religiously orientated or have a partisan outlook.


Society Name           President(s)/Vice-President(s)        Society E-mail   
SMU Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)       Mary Stackaruk, Valerie Grenade       [email protected]  
SMU Deeper Life Campus Fellowship       Michael Walton, Iwinosa Oshodin       [email protected]
SMU Power to Change           Tomiwa Akande, Lindsey Hill, Sonya Radvan     [email protected]


Class E – Student Media Societies 

A student group that acts as a form of media to the student body.


Society Name            President(s)/Vice-President(s)       Society E-mail       
SMU Journal Publishing Society         Braden Newell, Mitchell Archibald       [email protected] / [email protected]


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Salma Maliha Maisha

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