Dear students:

Recently, the SMU community been the target of a growing number of “phishing” email attacks. In this scam, criminals send emails that appear to come from legitimate SMU users (or other trustworthy sources) to access your computer account details and other private information. If your device is affected, criminals could steal your username, passwords, financial/credit card information or even your identity… a very costly problem.

What ITSS is doing:

To better protect you, ITSS is taking the following security measures:

·       If they learn your account has been compromised, ITSS will immediately change your password to prevent further damage and/or spread of the phishing email.

·       They will send a message to your non-SMU email address (on file in Banner) with instructions on how to reset your password and protect your devices.

 What you can do:

You can help protect your information with these easy steps: 

·       Don’t click on links directly within an email, even if the message seems to come from someone you trust. Instead, cut and paste the web address into your browser.

·       Do change your passwords often.

·       Don’t answer emails asking for personal financial information, your login name (S#) or password.

·       Don’t share your password and other account credentials with anyone.

·       Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

·       Do check your devices for malware and viruses. Visit for recommendations.

If you receive a suspicious email, have replied to or clicked links in the phishing message, or if you have any questions, I encourage you to contact the ITSS helpdesk at 902-496-8111 or [email protected].

Best regards,

Dénis Amirault

Vice President Communications