(SMUSA Vice President Equity & Wellness and StudentsNS board member Lawson Morassutti preparing for Advocacy week with colleagues)

The Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) is pleased to take part in Student Advocacy Week, an annual conference hosted by Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS). Student Leaders from universities and colleges across the province come to Halifax and advocate for realistic, well-researched recommendations to tackle student issues and improve post-secondary education in the province. Throughout the week students meet with with Ministers, MLA’s, political parties, and other sector stakeholders to discuss improving the post-secondary education system.

Recommendations focus on 5 key areas: student financial aid, international students, student employment, mental health, and civic engagement:

  • Financial aid recommends re-investing tuition tax credits into needs-based upfront grants and calls for loan forgiveness for NSCC students
  • International students calls on Government to provide healthcare coverage to international students when they enter the province
  • Student employment asks Government to expand the SKILL program by increasing funding and allowing small businesses and start ups to apply
  • Mental health recommends Government invest in innovative intervention programs for mental health on campuses
  • Civic engagement calls for fixed provincial election dates and a review of the municipal elections act to define eligibility to vote

Learn more: Student Advocacy Week 2017 Document